About us.

who we are

Saralam Technologies is a global software solution and enterprise application provider, primarily operating in the Oracle BRM, Blockchain, IoT, Enterprise Java and Mobility spaces.
We strive to offer simple, innovative and easily scalable solutions for complex business cases.
With our deep understanding of technology and COTS of over 15 years, we develop tailor-made products that help customers reduce cost without compromising on performance, scalability and security.
Our self-organized teams are capable of high-quality deliverables in change- driven environments.
Our products - OpenBRM, BRMToolBox, ThirdEye and dCart have won enormous appreciation in the market.
We constantly work on developing product innovations in Oracle BRM, Cloud, Salesforce, Blockchain, Mobility & Enterprise Java.
Saralam is committed to serving you in consulting, product innovations & existing project improvements.

Who are we?

We are a team of technology experts, committed to developing innovative products and simple solutions that serve everyone’s needs.

Our philosophy

#simplygrow is our mission statement. Transparency, Openness, and Trust are in our DNA. We believe in continuous learning, timely retrospection and exchange of our diverse team’s rich experience. We believe that great work comes from a place brimming with enthusiasm and energy. We, therefore, strive to keep an atmosphere that encourages creativity and happiness.

Our Focus

Our strength is in synergy and innovation. While we continue to build our team and increase our customer base in Billing and CRM, we have a roadmap in place to build innovative product line-ups in Blockchain, Cloud and Mobility.