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What we do

BSS & CRM Solutions

Our expertise help service providers to stay ahead of the technology curve and continue to invest in developing solutions that create operational efficiencies to meet the continuously ever-changing demands of your customers. We have our own tailormade products as a fully-hosted cloud-based and deployable on-premise solutions that empowers Telecommunications companies, communication service provides, Electric Utilities, Cable Companies, and smart city municipalities with a client-centric model for service differentiation and rapid deployment of new services.

Our capabilities in the BSS/OSS domain area:

  • Product Innovations
  • Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (Oracle BRM) and other BSS product consulting
  • Enterprise Application and Service Delivery
  • Corporate Upskilling

Gain access to Saralam’s best source billing solutions, with end-to-end flexible functional options, like subscriptions, customer management, converged billing, invoicing, revenue assurance and analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Your ultimate future tech of storing information is what Blockchain offers. Take advantage of the cryptocurrency system that gives security to your decentralized transaction records. Saralam’s Blockchain expertise promises trust and security for your data generation, without relying on a third-party solution

Our Blockchain expertise include

  • Enterprise Blockchain Solutions and Services
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Wallets And Exchange Applications
  • Smart contracts


IOT entitles to an automated mode of communication with other related devices, without the interference of third party. It consists of sensors, processors and a communication hardware that enables you to collect, transfer and act on data. Saralam can connect your IOT device to an IOT gateway by sharing the sensor data. You can further analyze it by sending it to cloud.

Ease the mobility of materials around the facility without making any physical changes in the building structure, with the help of AMR. Saralam recommends the usage of AMR, for flexibility and low ownership cost.

Our Offerings in the IOT:

  • Full scale cloud-based billing system for AMR
  • Continuous Product innovations in IOT and AMR
  • Model the process of Business with process consulting and Technology
  • Enhancement of Products and Services.

Mobility & Cloud

With the help of Cloud and Mobility, our services ensure you to have better connectivity with information and people. Get access to the mission critical data and software, to increase efficiency in your work-Life balance.

Our Mobility and Cloud offerings

  • Mobile applications Design and Development
  • User Experience
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) product offerings around BSS domain area
  • Cloud and Mobility Consulting Services
  • Cloud Migration and Deployment

Product Engineering

Businesses need NextGen scalable and portable software systems for its unique offerings and growth. To keep the business competent and successful, building a custom digital product is important to reduce the dependency on the COTS. To give your business a real growth in the competitive world our expert Software product engineering team can build custom products that equally compete with any other product offerings that are proven in the market. Our team offers intuitive and well-structured engineering products with the latest technology stack and innovative platforms.

Our experts capable of building

  • Custom Solutions around Oracle BRM, Salesforce and Siebel
  • Products and custom solutions using Blockchain
  • Mobile apps and end to end platforms of any scale
  • Opensource enterprise applications
  • Innovative products using Bigdata and Analytics